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PoolTechnics has solar energy installations for large swimming pools and a special programme of fully automated covers. These covers can generate impressive energy savings. Furthermore, the high prices of gas and subsidy options now make this investment exceptionally attractive.
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Durable, effective and economical! 

The high energy prices make investment in energy savings in public swimming pools extremely attractive. PoolTechnics has proven for 25 years that a correctly functioning cover saves a great deal of energy, water and chemicals. The different concepts make it possible to create an attractive installation for both new and existing projects with extra facilities for the public. The latest fully automated HydroDeck swimming pool cover with the large, strong slats has a high insulation value. The attractive mobile bench version provides flexible options and is extremely practical in use. Naturally, the covers can also be built in under water - on the bottom, in the wall or under a practical recess construction.
Outdoor swimming pools: It will be clear that the use of an effectively insulating and simple to operate cover is a profitable investment. The cover on a heated outdoor swimming pool generates savings of up to 60%.
Indoor swimming pools: It may seem illogical but the covering of indoor pools is extremely attractive in many cases. A covered period of 7 - 8 hours per day normally produces significant savings. This is because the ventilators and dehumidification units can be partially deactivated during this period. This saves on heating and electricity bills and maintenance due to moisture damage.
Outdoor extensions of indoor pools: Covering outdoor extensions of indoor pools is extremely attractive. The water is heated 365 days per year, sometimes to above 30°C. Savings can be as much as 450 m³ gas or 10 GJ per m² of cover. This can create extremely attractive investments, depending on the technical options.


solar energy concepts that proven themselves convincingly!
Over a period of 25 years it has been proven that an effective solar energy installation not only operates without problems, but also offers a great deal of extra comfort. The energy yields per m² have been calculated exactly and can be guaranteed. The various concepts make implementation flexible and simple, while the high energy costs make the investment extremely profitable. Solar energy and swimming pool water form a logical combination. Water is an ideal heat buffer and is highly effective for heat storage. This means that the water will remain sufficiently warm on colder days, and certainly if the pool is covered at night. An optimum installation concept is available for every practical situation. Flexible rubber collectors are fitted to flat or gently sloping roofs. These are also available for installation on the ground, but are then fitted to an insulating foam concrete layer and possibly finished as a usable recreation surface. On sloping roofs we have proven that the polypropylene panels function perfectly and have an extremely long life span. The swimming pool water is pumped directly through the rubber or plastic heat collectors, possibly with the existing pump. TO generate the highest yield the temperature difference between the incoming and outgoing water must be as small as possible. The surface temperature is then low, and heat absorption op. The special digital regulator will precisely control when the installation is switched on and off. Tens of installations have already been in operation for more than 20 years, which is ample proof of quality and reliability.

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